Most people are proud of their town, many encourage you to visit their town as a nice place for a day out and our town, Wirksworth is no different.

But our town differs in one big way – it is adored.  Up until the 1970s, people avoided Wirksworth: it was a backwater, covered in limestone dust and ignored by the majority.  But in the early 1980s, the Wirksworth Project transformed the town.  Over several years, the town’s wonderful heritage of historic buildings set in an enchanting maze of lanes and byways was identified, repaired and restored to a glory not seen in two centuries.

Today, you see the benefit of this change.  Wirksworth is a warm and vibrant town with a genuine sense of community and real ‘buzz’.   Every spring bank holiday, the town comes alive with the annual welldressings and carnival, while in September, the internationally-renowned Wirksworth Festival  brings artists, performance and creativity to the heart of the town.

You can even come to Wirksworth by heritage train.  The Ecclesbourne Valley Railway runs from Duffield, where you can change from a main line train and travel to the heart of our town.

Wirksworth is not a town, it is a true destination with friendly, helpful and welcoming people: thank you for visiting our website: take a look around and then come and see for yourself.